A Bit About Me

Hi, I am Punit, a Bangalore Based Photographic artist fluent in many geners of photography

I’ve always had a passion in photography but never thought it would be my career option. As every other kid I used to play with the point and shoot camera which my father owned. My childhood plan to become a pilot took a turn for the better when I went on a trek to Rakchham village.

My father got me a DSLR right before I started for the trek. The sound of the shutter release fascinated me. Capturing portraits of native people, long exposure shots of the mountain ranges and shots of flowing river, streams gave me immense joy. By the end of the trek, I found that photography is where my heart belonged. So guess, what was the first thing I did after returning from the trek? Yes you got it right, I enrolled for a photography school.

The photography school was the best years of my life. It was my first step towards my dream of being a photographer. It was here, where I got nurtured into various genres of photography such as fashion, still life (product), interior, beauty, street etc. With more inclination towards people, I naturally choose fashion and beauty as my forte. I received an accolade for the best black & white image during the course.

I have explored the various genres of photography over the past 3 years. Today, I feel grateful for what photography has turned me into. Photograph puts things into perspective and gives me joy with no bounds. I feel lucky to walk this dream career path in photography and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Behind The Camera


Am a vegetarian.


I am a foodaholic. Can eat anything veg on table but most favourite are  burger and whites sause pasta.


Travelling is my life, love exploring diffrent places and trying diffrent thing. Most of all I love trekking.


An Ambivert by nature. Can gel up with people when there or can sit alone with a nice cup of coffee.


I like playing most of the sport, but hate watching them on tv. So its not me to call during any match.


Car racing is my favourite pass time game

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